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Adjustable Black Hand Trainer

Adjustable Black Hand Trainer

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Adjustable Hand Trainer
What can I do with a hand trainer?
✅ With a hand trainer, you train the hands and forearms for grip and strength. The hand trainer has two legs connected by a resistance spring. By squeezing these together with one hand, you train muscles in the hands and forearms. Ideal for athletes where grip strength is essential such as mountaineers, baseball players, gymnasts, tennis players and strength athletes.

✅ Designed to increase your grip strength.
There is nothing in a typical gym that compares to these heavy grippers. Almost every piece of equipment isn't just made to target and isolate your forearms, fingers and wrists. This means that there is no chance that they will be as effective as these heavy grippers. In addition to that, our hand trainer is ergonomically designed so it fits easily in your hand!

✅ The help you need in rehabilitation!
Exercising the wrist and forearm can help with recovery after surgery on the finger or hand, for example. Besides this, there are many other conditions where a hand trainer can help rehabilitation. For example; recovery from arthritis, tennis elbow, RSI, and carpal tunnel. Not only is our hand trainer suitable in rehabilitation, it is also good to use in daily training to improve blood circulation.

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